We build value with our mind on the present and our eyes on the future

AK LANE is a real estate development and management company founded in 2008. Founder and major shareholder Anastasios Kallitsantsis has a wealth of experience in the fields of private project construction and renewable energy, having served for many years as President and/or Managing Director of the ELLAKTOR Group, and previously of ELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI.

Since 2022, the company has been on a growth path relying on a team of professionals, integrating former executives from Ellaktor in the team with experience in complex, high-profile development projects.

Based on in-depth market knowledge and supported by specialized third-party consultants, the company is currently working on the development of a modern office building on Gravias Street in the district of Maroussi.

AK LANE is committed to implementing demanding commercial and tourism development projects that stand out for their contemporary design and cutting-edge technology, while creating value through innovation and adherence to the principles of sustainable development.


Meeting client requirements and expectations lies at the heart of our values and practices. With a close eye on emerging trends in the international markets and on the new opportunities and challenges of the digital age, AK LANE constantly adapts to be a step ahead of developments in the real estate market, offering clients added value and improved investment prospects.

Guided by an unconventional, forward-looking approach and driven by sustainable innovation as a core value, we create advanced intelligent environments that improve people’s lives, advancing a new concept of community and human interaction.


To create value based on today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

To develop inspiring and sustainable environments that enrich people’s lives, blend functionality with aesthetics, and foster a spirit of inclusivity and engagement.

To envision and develop properties that are not only functional and efficient, but also original, contemporary and competitive.

To apply economically viable state-of-the-art technologies.

To ensure that the basic structure of our buildings facilitates the integration of future state-of-the-art technologies throughout their life cycle.

To forge strong long-lasting relationships with our clients, offering them innovative investment options and top-notch advice.